Court Packing in the News

10.15.21 James Varney: The Washington Times: Former state AGs urges amendment to fix Supreme Court at nine justices

9.9.21 Brian Ball: Ohio Senate Candidate Jane Timken Pledges Support of Constitutional Amendment

9.8.21:Lakie Derrick: Why nine justices just makes sense

7.29.21: Dan Mclaughlin: The National Review: The ‘Keep Nine’ Amendment Can Save the Supreme Court

7.19.21 Jonathan Voos: The Washington Examiner: Protect the Supreme Court with a constitutional amendment

10.12.2020 Adam Liptak: Chicago Tribune: The precedent, and the perils, of packing the Supreme Court

10.12.2020 Adam Liptak: The New York Times: The Precedent, and Perils, of Court Packing

10.12.2020 Adam Liptak: Orlando Sentinel: The precedent, and the perils, of packing the Supreme Court

10.8.2020 Congressman Denver Riggleman and Collin Peterson: The Hill: Why the Supreme Court must be kept at nine justices

10.3.2020 WSJ: Andrew Duehren and Siobhan Hughes: Debate Looms on Supreme Court Expansion

9.14.20 Former New Mexico Attorney General Gary King, Former Tennessee Attorney General  Paul Summers,  Former Virginia Attorney General Steve Rosenthal: Albuquerque Journal: Keep 9 Protects Independence of Supreme Court

9.2.20 Jill Long Thompson: Roll Call: Why we need an independent Supreme Court

8.19.20 Ryan Lovelace:The Washington Times: Former Democratic state attorneys general mobilize against liberal court-packing push

6.11.20 Politico: Holly Otterbein: Liberal groups back plan to expand Supreme Court

5.8.20 Nick Rahall: Congress should resist urge to ‘pack’ high court West Virginia Charleston Gazette

3.9.20  WSJ Editorial: The Senate and the Judiciary

3.9.20  Marc A. Thiessen: Future of Supreme Court again on the ballot
Syndicated Column in the Huntington WV Herald-Dispatch

3.4.20  WSJ Editorial: Schumer Threatens the Court

3.3.20 WAPO OP- ED: David Von Drehle: Democrats are missing the easiest solution to their court problem

3.2.20 Policy 2020 Brookings: Russell Wheeler :Should We Restructure the Supreme Court?

2.7.20 Dennis Carter: Where 2020 Candidates Stand on Supreme Court Expansion: Campaign Week in Review

2.6.20 The Dispatch: No to Court Packing but Yes to Term Limits? What the Supreme Court bar has to say about institutional reform

1.3.20 Ian Millhiser: Vox:  The most radical Democratic plan to fix the Supreme Court yet. What if we have to destroy the judiciary in order to save democracy?

9.23.19 Ronald Radosh: Daily Beast: Should Democrats Pack the Supreme Court? Yes-If They Want to Commit Political Suicide.

7.24.19 Quint Forgey: Politico: Ginsburg opposes 2020 Democrats’ proposals to expand Supreme Court

6.24.19 Walter Shapiro: The Case Against Court Packing

3.28.19 Harvard Law Professor Noah Feldman:
Don’t Pack The Court. Democrats. You’d Live to Regret It.

10.15.18  Julian E. Zelizer: New York Times Op. Ed. :Packing the Supreme Court is a Terrible Idea

7.6.18  Bob Bauer,Former White House Counsel under Barack Obama: The Atlantic: Don’t Pack the Courts Liberals should seek not to emulate President Trump’s contempt for democratic institutions and the rule of law by rigging the judiciary.

6.29.17 Fix the Court:  Leading Constitutional Scholars Propose Resolution to the Supreme Court Madness

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