Keep Nine in the Media

02.14.22 Coalition Backs Keep Nine Amendment to Cap Supreme Court Membership

12.1.21 Marc Ang: The Washington Examiner: How the bipartisan Keep Nine initiative aims to protect the Supreme Court

10.15.21 James Varney: The Washington Times: Former state AGs urges amendment to fix Supreme Court at nine justices

9.9.21 Brian Ball: Ohio Senate Candidates Timken, Mandel, Vance and Gibbons Pledge Support for Keep Nine Constitutional Amendment

9.8.21:Lakie Derrick: Why nine justices just makes sense

7.29.21: Dan Mclaughlin: The National Review: The ‘Keep Nine’ Amendment Can Save the Supreme Court

7.19.21 Jonathan Voos: The Washington Examiner: Protect the Supreme Court with a Keep Nine constitutional amendment

4.27.21 Carolina Journal: (NC) House could urge Congress to maintain nine U.S. Supreme Court justices

4.20.21: Jessie Balmert: Cincinnati Enquirer: DeWine, Husted, Portman Support the Keep Nine Amendment

4.19.21 Ashley Oliver: Breitbart: Republican attorneys general (AGs) across the country are prepared to fight the recently introduced court-packing legislation, as indicated by their endorsements of the Keep Nine Amendment.

2.26.21: Bronson Stocking: Townall: Cruz introduces a constitutional amendment, the “Keep Nine” Amendment. 

2.25.21 Brittany De Lea: Fox News: Ted Cruz introduces measures to prevent expansion of Supreme Court

2.10.21 Jason M. Reynolds: Starnews Network:  Fifteen Secretaries of State Endorse Keep Nine Amendment

2.9.21 Fred Lucas:  Fox Business: Google reverses decision to stop anti-court packing group from running ads

1.29.21 : Todd Ruger: Roll Call: Lawmakers weigh in on proposals to change the Supreme Court

10.19.2020: ALEXANDER BOLTON : The Hill: Senate Republicans offer constitutional amendment to block Supreme Court packing

10.19.20: Jeffery Martin: NewsWeek: Ted Cruz, GOP Senators Propose Anti-Court Packing Amendment

10.19.2020 Rick Manning: Daily Torch: The Keep Nine Amendment to the Constitution would stop Biden’s court-packing scheme

10.11.2020: John Fund: National Review: Polls show strong support for a “Keep Nine” amendment that simply says, “The Supreme Court of the United States shall be composed of nine Justices

10.8.2020 Congressman Denver Riggleman and Collin Peterson: The Hill: Why the Supreme Court must be kept at nine justices

10.3.2020 WSJ: Andrew Duehren and Siobhan Hughes: Debate Looms on Supreme Court Expansion

9.28.2020 Hannah Bleau: Breitbart: Poll: Vast Majority of Voters Favor ‘Keep Nine’ Amendment to Prevent Court Packing

9.14.20 Former New Mexico Attorney General Gary King, Former Tennessee Attorney General  Paul Summers,  Former Virginia Attorney General Steve Rosenthal: Albuquerque Journal: Keep 9 Protects Independence of Supreme Court

9.2.20 Jill Long Thompson: Roll Call: Why we need an independent Supreme Court

8.19.20 Ryan Lovelace:The Washington Times: Former Democratic state attorneys general mobilize against liberal court-packing push

5.8.20 Nick Rahall: Congress should resist urge to ‘pack’ high court West Virginia Charleston Gazette

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